February 26, 2013

the Oscars.

The award show red carpet that I was most looking forward to this season was the Oscars. While I love all award show red carpets, I just find the Oscars to be full of elegant women who fill the carpet with class. The Oscars are more prestigious, and therefore the attire would be assumed to be equally prestigious and on a different caliber than say, the Grammys. You wouldn't see any raw meat dresses at the Oscars, ya know? So needless to say, I was pretty excited to watch on Sunday night.

I had told Lee that I really wanted to watch- and if it was okay with him that we made sure we were home in time so I could watch and take notes. (As I have previously mentioned, seeing the dresses live helps me to see all angles of the dress that still photos simply can't portray.) But, I ended up making dinner because I was feeling a little guilty about my lack of dinner making lately, and decided to make Lee one of his favorite dinners, that also happens to be really complicated and requires me to stand over the stove for the duration of meal prep/cook time. While he told me multiple times I didn't have to make it, I  wanted to make him happy (poor guy has had to put up with a grumpy pregnant lady who has stopped making consistent meals for him each week). So while I was starting to make dinner, I put the show on and figured I would just watch while I cooked and catch as many looks as I could. While I had my head down flouring the chicken, my incredibly sweet husband was turning our TV and TV stand so that I would be able to see it very clearly while cooking. I may or may not have teared up (that man loves me even on days when he has no reason to). Anyway, that long story to say that I missed quite a few looks live. So a lot of my opinions were formed from still photos with tidbits from what I saw live.

Overall I found almost all of the looks to be flawless. There were so many elegant, timelessly beautiful looks that made me wish I had a red carpet event to attend so I could steal their looks. I had a hard time finding very many looks I didn't like- I really liked almost everything I saw. One thing I did notice though was that I felt like some of the looks were very similar to others that I had previously seen at other award shows this season. But, seriously, overall, I loved so many gowns- from how they were styled, to fit- everything was so nicely put together and the stars looked amazing. Here are my thoughts on some favorites and the few looks I thought missed the mark by a tad.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has had a lot of buzz about her lately, and rightfully so. She is a very talented actress and she is absolutely beautiful! I loved her entire look- her gown was amazing and fit her perfectly. I loved the shape of it, so much so that I am seriously trying to come up with an event that I may ever need to attend in the future where I can where a dress like this to (since I have already gotten married- I am pretty much out of luck, but you never know!). I loved the simplicity of her hairstyle and accessories- she looked incredibly elegant and is one of my favorites from the night. 

2. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is insanely gorgeous- just look at her complexion! I don't love her pixie cut and while the gown is beautiful and fits her perfectly, all I could think about was Anne Hatheway's gown at the Golden Globe awards. Both are very pretty gowns- and very simple.

3. Jennifer Aniston

I love Jennifer Aniston. But I feel like this dress is too big for her- she looks like she is drowning in it. I also wish she would do something with her hair once and a while. She always leaves it down- and usually I don't mind it. But I feel like she needs to mix it up every once and a while- especially for the Oscars. She does look amazing in red though.

4. Sandra Bullock

I loved her dress, I loved all the beading and how it fit her. I also loved the shape and the high neck and the sheer bottom. She looked absolutely elegant.

5. Jessica Chastain

I got to see Jessica live on the red carpet and this picture does not do her dress justice. She looked beautiful- everything about her look was perfect. The gown, her hair, her makeup- it was all so radiant. She looked like old Hollywood- it was a perfect look for the Oscars. 

6. Anne Hatheway

This dress has sparked a lot of negative attention- and I can see why. It doesn't flatter her bust- at all. I think the soft pink looks really pretty on her and I also love her hair and makeup, but the dress was just a huge flop. Some people said the back made up for the front- but I disagree. I don't like any of it- front, back, side, I am not a fan. This is my least favorite look of the night. (The shape of the top of the gown reminded me a lot of Taylor Swift's gown at the Golden Globes too. The high neckline is what makes them similar- but seeing Taylor's next to Anne's makes me like Taylor's a whole lot more.)

7. Kristen Stewart

I know grungy, bed head is Kristen Stewart's thing but seriously? For the Oscars? Come on stylists- get it together! I didn't care for her dress either. I didn't like the color on her and I really didn't care for the tulle at the bottom that, according to this picture, looks like there's no rhyme or reason as to why/how it was sewn into the gown. This is also one of my least favorites of the night. 

8. Bradley Cooper

Is it just me or does Bradley Cooper's tux look too small? His pants look too short as does his jacket. How adorable is his mom though? And I love how proud she was of him (I saw them live).

9. Reese Witherspoon

I am a little obsessed with Reese Witherspoon. She is so beautiful- it's insane! I loved her look- her hair was by far my favorite part. I wish I could style my hair that way!  I loved her gown, her makeup- everything! Her gown did remind me of Jennifer Lawrence's from the Golden Globes- the tops especially. 

10. Renee Zellwegger

I didn't see this look live- and obviously this is not a flattering photo, but I feel like she looks like an Oscar instead of a guest at the event. 

11. Amy Adams

This is another gown I saw live and this picture is not doing it enough justice- at all! I really liked it. She looked gorgeous. The only thing that bothered me about her look was her hair. It looked like it was falling out- not in a pretty wispy sort of way but rather in a "my toddler pulled it as I was getting out of the limo" sort of way. But I loved everything else about her look. 

12. Zoe Saldana 

The only part of this dress I really like is the embellishment at the top. I really don't like the belt/bow and I don't love the different colored tiers at the bottom either. The shape is pretty, but there is just too much going on. If it only had the embellishment at the top, I think I would like it more. 

13. Mark Ruffalo's wife

I probably shouldn't add her to the list- but I couldn't not. Her dress was AWFUL. Who made it? Why did she think it looked good? It is clearly too big and the cut is all wrong for her- that waist line is not hitting her where it should be. This looks like maybe she made it? Out of a burlap sack. Horrible. 

Here are many other gorgeous stars that I think nailed their looks (if I keep listing them all, this post will be pages and pages long!):


What did you think of all of the red carpet looks? Who did you love? Hate?


PS I got all of my photos from Yahoo

February 12, 2013

the Grammys

My sister Sarah lives in Nashville and is a huge music fan. In fact, not only is she in love with music like I am in love with fashion, she is actually living in Nashville in order to pursue her dream and is currently working to acquire a career in the music industry. The Grammys on Sunday night were like her superbowl. I love all red carpet events because I love seeing what people wear and how they style their looks. So while I am a fan of music, I mostly watched the Grammys so I could take notes on all the different looks of the night and blog about it. Sarah watched and took notes on the actual music portion so she can blog about it (read that here). We facetimed throughout almost the entire show- until this old pregnant lady had to call it a night and go to bed at 10 (I was proud I made it up that late!).

Here are two pictures I shot of us watching "together". Watching it with her next to me on my couch obviously would have been much better, but I will take what I can get and I am so thankful for FaceTime and all that modern technology provides so that I can at least feel as close to being in the same place as my family who live far away as possible. (wow, hello run on sentence that I am not editing.)

(I had to post that one of Kelly. I love me some Kelly Clarkson.)

Ok, enough about me. Onto the fashion at the show. (For the record, I started a post about SAG fashion, but I had the hardest times getting pictures onto my blog. So I gave up. I didn't have a ton to say about the looks I saw anyways).

I was really excited for the Grammys red carpet. While it is an awards show and dressing formally is the norm, I think it is also an appropriate event to have a little fun with what you wear too. I don't mean Lady Gaga fun- I wouldn't classify what she wears as fun but rather potentially harmful to me and my unborn child (raw meat dress). I mean fun styles, patterns, and colors. I didn't see a ton of the fun, formal looks I was hoping for. I think some women think fun means being ultra revealing. I am not one of those women.

There were some really great looks of the night. There was a rule that from what I could gather, consisted of a memo that was sent around to everyone letting them know about the new dress code that basically said not to show too much skin. Quite a few women broke the rule and weren't kicked out, so I am not sure I understood the point of the memo, maybe it was a hopeful suggestion. In any event, I must say I do appreciate the attempt made because perhaps we would have seen even more skin than we did/ever needed to see (thanks J. Lo).

Here are some looks that I really liked, or felt really missed the mark. With pictures and my notes. And since I saw these looks live, I feel confident in my opinion about them and am thankful for it because seeing the still photos- definitely doesn't do some of the looks justice- both in a positive and a negative way.

1. Rihanna

This dress looked a bit different live than it does in this photo. I am not sure which is more accurate. I didn't notice how sheer the bust area was while watching her walk the red carpet. I really liked this dress and I thought her hair looked pretty and so did her makeup. She looks good in red. While watching her (you can't tell as much in this photo), I wasn't sure if she was wearing a bra or not. It looked questionable to me. Now that I can see how sheer her dress was, I know the answer. And while the dress is so pretty, I would have added flesh colored material so that a. her dress wasn't as revealing and b. so she could have worn a bra. If your ladies don't look good, it's hard for your look to be a success in my book- no matter what your cup size. I must also add that she seemed awkward in her interview with Ryan. Like she was out of it- but maybe she had lots on her mind. In any event, I liked her look a lot, but I would have liked it even more if she had the proper support. 

2. Jennifer Lopez

She clearly didn't read or care about the memo. I absolutely hate this look. It looks like she is wearing half bathing suit/half dress. Which is just awkward. That slit is SO high and it is being compared to Angelina Jolie's slit from a few years back. However, the major difference is that J. Lo's isn't actually just a slit- because it is cut at a squared angle, her dress wouldn't actually come together if she tried to pull it that way. A strip of fabric had to have been cut off of the dress in order to achieve what she has going on. Aside from her entire leg being exposed (and probably her buttocks as well if we saw her in person), the dress itself is so drab. And her hair. Oh mylanta, her hair. It reminds me of that scene in The Princess Diaries 2 when the hair stylist comes in to do Anne Hatheway's hair and comes up with this moose hair: 

J. Lo is gorgeous though, and I do like that her hair is pulled back and you can see her beautiful face. But that's about all I can say that is positive. 

3. Beyonce

I really didn’t like her pantsuit, but I don’t love pantsuits in general I know color blocking is in, but I really disliked how it was done here. She is seriously beautiful though- her face is flawless! I liked her makeup and her post baby body is amazing. 

4. Taylor Swift

I loved, loved, loved Taylor Swift's look. That Grecian inspired gown is gorgeous. I loved how she styled her hair with it too- it was perfect. It made it young, hip, and fun. I thought her makeup was flawless too. She is so pretty! I think this is my favorite dress of the night! 

5. Katy Perry

I have a lot to say about this look. First, this picture doesn't show how tight the dress was. It was so unflatteringly (I am not sure that's a word but it's all I can think of that applies) tight. She has a great body, but the tight dress really made her look bigger and not as beautiful as she really is. The color of the dress, reminded me of a grandmother. I thought it was just too much mint green. I am not a fan of the cleavage- it's too much. I liked the idea of the beading on the dress, but that can not save all that went wrong here. I didn’t love her big hair either. I know she said she was channeling Priscilla Presley, and so she did big hair with this dress but I just really didn't like it. Aside from all of that, Katy Perry is such a pretty girl with a beautiful face. There's no way she can hide that- even if her look was as bad as it was at the Grammys. 

6. Carrie Underwood

She is beautiful!!! There is no denying that she is absolutely gorgeous. I loved her hair- I thought it looked so elegant and so pretty. Obviously, I loved her amazing necklace, that she said was worth more than she is. I still can't decide if she should have done an earring or not (a stud). I wonder if it would have taken away from that amazing necklace. I did feel her ears looked a little bare- but I don't know if I would add them to her look or not. Her makeup was perfect- done perfectly for her and for the dress. At first when I saw her dress I wasn’t blown away. It was pretty and she seriously looks gorgeous in anything she wears, but I wasn’t blown away by it. I liked the detailing on the top half of it, and thought it really was such a beautiful gown. But it just didn’t make my jaw drop. I liked it but I didn't love it. Ya know? But as the night wore on, and I saw her again, I take it all back. I loved it. She looked amazing and I really did love the gown. Kelly Osborne said it could have been too gothic on anyone else and I totally agree. How Carrie wore it and styled it, she did it perfectly and looked amazing in it. 

7. Justin Timberlake 

I loved his look. He always brings sexy back. Even his hair. H.O.T.  I also really loved seeing him wear a wedding ring. It is the best accessory a man can wear.

8. Adele

She's not wearing black! I think she looked beautiful- I always love her big hair and her makeup. Her dress was ok, I didn't hate it as much as everyone seems to be. I certainly wouldn't have worn it with those shoes. I didn't think her overall look was absolutely awful but it certainly wasn't anything great either. 

9. Florence Welch

I love emerld green, but she looked like a t-rex. That shade of green looks pretty with her hair and her complexion, no doubt about that. But her dress, her shoes, her bag, the spikes, it was all way too much. I really didn’t like it. 

10. Kelly Rowland

This dress is incredibly revealing, which I am personally not a fan of. But, I must say that she looked amazing. She has a great figure and she rocked every inch of that dress. The shape of the dress is beautiful- I loved the cut, it fit her beautifully. I also loved her emerald green rings. I loved that she wore her hair back with the gown, but I didn't love how it was styled. I think Kelly Rowland is so pretty, I just wish this dress wasn't as revealing, it has the potential to be just as sexy if there weren't as many cut outs. Sexy yet modest is always the way to go in my book.

11. Natasha Bedingfield

I absolutely loved Natasha's look. Her gown was GORGEOUS. I loved how she wore her hair and how her makeup was done. I think she is by far one of my favorites from the night. She looked beautiful and I am obsessed with that gown. 

12. Alexa Chung

This poor girl was confused. She forgot that she was attending the Grammys in the middle of winter. She apparently thought she was actually going to a summer BBQ. In my backyard. 

13. Guiliana Rancic

I really liked Guiliana's look. I thought she looked absolutely amazing. I love her dress, I love the shape, the style, the texture, that it's sexy but modest, I just love it all. I even love the color on her. I thought it fit her perfectly! Some may say she looked drab, but I thought she rocked it and looked fabulous. I love that she wore her hair down too. I liked her look so much, and I appreciate that she took heed to the dress code memo.

I have so many more thoughts, but I think that's good for now. I took 3 pages of notes, and could make this blog post incredibly long and boring- but I will stop there. 

What did you think of the Grammys fashion? Who did you love? Hate? Anyone noteworthy (whether for good or bad) that I didn't mention?